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                                        Rock, Blues, Prog, Hardrock made in UK

                                                          21st Century  rock n roll

Latest News

The new track "The Creature" 2018

Sept.  2018

Checkout the new track "The Creature"

Mind the foot steps and the car.

The Creature.jpg

Next gig 29th June 2018

May.  2018

We will be playing an acoustic set at Mill Hill broadway at 7pm on the 29th of June 2018

As well as plenty other live bands there will be plenty of food and drink available. Don't miss this one.

We hope to see you there

Mill Hill street party. 2018 

RARS @ the Elephant Inn

May.  2018

Last night at The Elephant Inn we had a fantastic gig. We couldn't have asked for more!

A big thank you to everyone that came down and supported us. We are greatful!

Is not clear yet when we are gigging next but, we will keep you


Rock n roll hugs to you all. We love you.

North Finchley Fest. 2018 

RARS @ N. Finchley Fest.

May.  2018

Rock and Roll sons are getting ready to spearhead the North Finchley music stravaganza @ The Elephant Inn.

We look forward to play on this one. We can't wait.


Dont miss this one for anything!

Until then, keep it rock!

Check the website for details: North Finchley Fest. 2018 

See you all there.

RARS Headliners!

April.  2018

Rock And Roll Sons will be top of the bill at the North Finchley Music Fest. 2018 at The Elephant Inn on Saturday the 19th of May at 10pm

It all kick starts at noon across 6 venues in N. Finchley, and it will run for two day's.

Check the website for details: North Finchley Fest. 2018 

See you there.

New set!

March  2018

Greetings to you all.

The new set in coming along nicely

and we've added a couple of new tracks to the list

and with more new on the back burner.

We are spoiled for choice. The new tracks are:

- Rock For you Baby

- The Creature

- The Whisperer

- All Greek To Me

- The Thespian

- Hey Girl Come On  (Available on Soundcloud & Riverbnation)

- House Of Cards  (Available N1M, Soundcloud & Riverbnation)

- Life Goes On

- Rush Hour

See you at North Finchley Music Fest. next month.

Thank you for your support.

Gig cancelled!

Feb.  2018

We regret to inform you that the gig at  The Midland Hotel in Hendon

on the 24th of Feb.

has been cancelled due to other commitments of the band members.

We apologise to all our friends and fans.

Hopefully we will see in the near future at a venue near you.

RARS live @ The Midland Hotel

Feb.  2018

Rock And Roll Sons will be performing live for the first time this year at The Midland Hotel in Hendon on the 24th of Feb. as a three piece. As well as playing some of the old favorites we will be playing some new material for the first time.

We are working on the set list.

If you fancy a good night out this will be the one.

It would be nice to see you there.

New track "House Of Cards" available now!

Jan.  2018

Check out the brand new track "House Of Cards" now available on Youtube, Soundcloud and  N1M

It's epic, it's melodic, it's loud, it's agressive, it's fragile and its all rock n roll!

End of the year for rehearsals!

Dec. 26th 2017

Another year, another chapter. We are working on many new songs but, has been a slow process due to other commitments. We promise you that we will be back playing live in a venue sometime in 2018. As well as playing the old favorites.

The recording and rehearsals are going well. Soon we will publish some new material. Thank you for the support.

Happy new year to you all.

North Finchley Fest. 2018

Dec. 17th 2017

Rock And Roll sons are please to confirm that we will be playing at

North Finchley music Festival  2018

Date to be  announced.

N1M @ 44 in the UK!

Nov. 20th 2017


Hello, I give an early Thanks to you this season. Not a day goes by I don't listen to your music. It's awesome and looking forward to many more great works by you. Wishing you the happiness of good friends, the joy of a happy family, and the wonder of the holiday season!


Dont look behind - Some great stuff. I randomly stumbled upon your music one day and am so glad i did. Keep up the good work.
I will definitely be checking this site regularly

Rars live acoustic on Youtube now?

Nov. 13th 2017

Recorded live back in 2013 @ The Bohemia, North Finchley.

Brings back great memories.

Rock And Roll Sons  on N1M at 49?

Nov. 13th 2017

Check it out. Very impressive numbers! URL:
N1M Short URL:


NumberOneMusic Daily Summary

Rock and roll sons|Saturday, Nov 4, 2017



Ady Denton rec. session

 Oct. 13th 2017

Snap preview video with Ady recording for "The Whisperer"

Checkout the new track "Beachtown Hotel"


September  28th 2017
This is "Beachtown Hotel" and it's DA blues in drop D on Soundcloud and Youtube

Checkout the new video!


September  17th 2017
"Waiting Game" live in the studio

Upside down or down and up!


September  10th 2017
After  a summer of holidays  we are now firmely back on track.
Rehearsals are going well.
With some amazing tracks being worked out. Though its a very slow proccess.
Here are the titles of the new songs:
- The Creature
- Work For you Babe
- Rush Hour
- All Greek To Me
- The Whisperer
We still don't know  when we are going to see you in a gig.
Hopefully in the near future. We are working on it.
Long live rock and roll.

Ready for action!


July 1st 2017

Rehearsals, rehearsals. We feel that we are  now ready to perform live  as a the piece band.

We are  actively looking for gigs , tour s, festivals and events.

You can contacts us on this website if interested.

Thank you all for the support.



And there are three!

June 2017

Greattings to you all!

Hope you are enjoying this great summmer.

As well as "Rock For You Babe" there are other  2 new songs being created.

"The Whisperer" a slow and powerful, timeless tune with a soft melodic theme through out. With a very powerful chorus. Think "Muse"

Nonetheless there is also, "All Greek To Me" southern blues grass, country vibe.

A little deviation, say... Different from the general song writing style of  the band.

More news to come soon.

Thanks for your support.

New song, new journey!

March 2017


Lastest rehearsals have been going well.

A brand new song was concieved and written out of the blue.

Entitled: "Rock For You Babe"

More power rock waiting to be finished. lyrics written.

Just the finishing touches left to sort out.

Here is a kwick preview of it.

Two new videos available on Youtube!

February 2017


Better Wait Until Tomorrow and Aliens now uploaded on youtube

Live rehearsal recorded and filmed only with a mobile phone and a Rolland micro recorder.


"Better Wait Until tomorrow" Ady's back with a vengeance!

Live rehearsal video

recorded in the studio as a three piece.

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